Who We Are

iADH has over 8000 members worldwide actively working to achieve better outcomes for oral health in people with disabilities. Their members are drawn from all areas of health and social care including general dentists, dental specialists, dental hygienists and nurses, allied healthcare professionals, researchers, educators and patient advocates The society aims to advocate for and promote equitable access to high quality oral healthcare by facilitating exchange of good practice and encouraging and disseminating appropriate scientific research worldwide.

iADH has active research networks promoting multi-centre research and organises research competitions and a bi-annual International Scientific Congress to provide a forum for researchers and clinicians to showcase their work.

iADH has produced internationally recognised curricula to guide education and training in Special Care Dentistry at both undergraduate and Post Graduate Levels which are available for download to aid educators or students to shape their teaching and learning.

iADH Conference

Since 1970, iADH has hosted a biennial congress that provides members from all over the world with an opportunity to assemble in one place, and share their scientific knowledge and collective experience to improve desired oral health outcomes for people with disabilities. During International conference, eminent speakers from around the world cover hot issues in Special Care Dentistry, bringing both state of the art knowledge and practical advice along with a fun and friendly social programme. Our 24th IADH Congress will be Seoul, Korea in 2024 26th-29th September. The theme is Bridging the Gap in Dental Care for Persons with Disabilities - Now and Beyond.

"In my early career years I was relatively isolated and it was hard to find peers interested in this field. Through iADH I have made professional and research networks and made lifelong friendships en route that have enriched my life my first iADH conference was Madrid whilst studying for a masters in SCD more than 20 years ago"

Alison Dougall

"Since my graduation and while doing my specialty in Pediatrics, I have dedicated myself to the care of patients with disabilities, collaborating in the creation of the SCD Unit in the public hospital Quinquela Martín. After 15 years we created the Argentinian association. then I met IADH for the first time in 2000 in Madrid and it was a milestone in my life. After meeting IADH such great professionals from all over the world, the atmosphere of friendship and the enriching work and dedication that was breathed in the congresses made it a pleasure to work in this iADH family."

Gabriela Scagnet

"A dear colleague of ours; late Dr Jane Chalmers, believed that we all have a “gene” that predisposes us to take care of people with special needs. We used to joke about this a lot. She called it “the Special Needs gene “ Joking aside, I think she’s right. This affinity draws us together as a family, with common goals and ideals and caring, not only for patients, but each other. The iADH is a conduit for this. Long may it continue."

Graeme Ting

"Anna-Lena Hallonsten was one of my mentors during postgraduate paediatric dentistry training, and she enrolled me in NFH, the Nordic Association, which was soon followed by my first IADH congress in Edinborough in 1996. Wow! A fantastic new world opened, with all you great colleagues, sharing my dental perspectives or introducing me to new ones!"

Johanna Norderyd

When I arrived at the IADH in Sweden in 2006, I was delighted to meet professionals with the same dedication and commitment to knowing more about dental care for people with special needs. I made friends from all over the world, I worked on the executive board, we brought the IADH congress to Brazil in 2008 and together with friends from Argentina, we managed to give visibility to Latin America. The IADH is part of my professional and personal life.

Marcello Boccia

"I remember when I joined IADH. I came from a small country with a handful of dentists with the same interests as me. We truly were on an island. Then I attended my first IADH congress in Ghent and the world opened up. There were hundreds of dentists and researchers just like me and my circle. I met so many new people then and since who have become my friends, collaborators, competitors ( in a good way! ) and support network."

Kev Macgiollaphadraig

"At seventeen, I took a job as a counsellor at a summer camp for “handicapped” teens. It proved to be life changing because I experienced the uniqueness, humanity, and beauty of every human being. (Watch Oscar nominated “Crip Camp”.) Working with people with disabilities is just “working with people.” And an enormous source of strength, courage and love."

Rebecca Schaffer

"After more than 15 years I have moved on from Special Needs Dentistry. The IADH played a big part in my enjoyment of working in this field. My first conference was in Gothenburg- I absolutely loved it! Ghent was another brilliant event plus many others. Thank you to all of you wonderful friends and colleagues from all over the world. Such a great group of people making up a wonderful organization. I will miss it"

Sarah Lovie

I am a specialized Special Care dentist and a Professor at Federal Fluminense University, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. For the first time, I attended the IADH Congress, in France, 2022, and I loved it because it has proven to be a crucial opportunity to keep me updated on the latest techniques and to meet fellow colleagues from around the world. I definitely recommend it!

Bruna Lavinas
Our Partner

We are delighted to unveil our new partner, Oral B. Working in partnership with the International Association of Disability and Oral Health (iADH), Oral-B® is on a mission to change the narrative and ensure that everybody has an equitable oral care experience - whether that be the positive attitudes of staff at the dental clinic, easily accessible premises or personalised tips and tricks to facilitate care with the products that are used at home to maintain optimal oral health.

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iADH is a network of likeminded professionals working to improve the oral health related quality of life for people with disabilities and disadvantages. By joining iADH, you are helping to contribute more to this emerging field and make a difference in your own community by finding like-minded peer support within our fast growing network.