iADH is delighted to announce the launch of its 2024 iADHFellowship call. which opens on February 15th and closes on March 31st 2024.

Members requested the fellowship to recognise and document excellence in the field of Disability and Oral Health amongst its membership. This is especially important to those members living in areas where Special Care Dentistry is not a speciality, or remains an emerging discipline requiring recognition of those people working across other disciplines.

Details about the iADH Fellowship Process 2024

All of our professional members including dentists and allied healthcare professionals may apply if they have held a paid up membership for the previous three consecutive years (minimum 2021-2022-2023). Alternatively, they should show proof of membership of a National Member Society for the previous three consecutive years (minimum 2021-2022-2023).

The iADH is not an accredited examining body so the design of the Fellowship is that interested applicants submit a structured CV via an online form which is designed to award points to experience, skills and documented training across a number of domains. Assessment fee consists in a one-off payment of $300 USD.

There is a reduced fee of $200USD for members from developing economies and allied healthcare professionals.

There is no additional annual fee to retain the Fellowship other than the annual iADH membership Fee or National Member Society Fee.

Successful candidates will receive the iADH Fellowship award (FiADH) which consists of a certificate and lapel badge to identify fellows amongst their peers, their patients and their governing bodies.

This will be awarded by the President of the iADH at a ceremony during the next iADH conference held in Seoul 2024 or can be awarded locally at a local iADH members meeting if new fellows are unable to attend the Seoul ceremony in person.

If applicants are unsuccessful, they will receive feedback and will be given the chance to re-apply at no extra cost for a second time at the choice of the applicant(up to a maximum of 4 years later.

Follow this link to view a recording of a webinar (part 1) which explains more about the fellowship in detail.

View our Fellowship FAQ page

You can find resources to assist you in your application here

Scoring Criteria

A merit points-based system will be used by a panel of five calibrated examiners who will assess applicants (2 independent examiner by applicant) via the online structured application form across the following domains:

(1) iADH Activity

(2) Clinical Training & Clinical Practice for people requiring SCD

(3) Research and Scholarship

(4) Education and Teaching

(5) Community Engagement and Outreach.

It is expected that members will have strengths in some areas over other, but there is a reasonable minimum threshold of marks which needs to be achieved in each section of the application form. It is also very much known that formal education in Special Care Dentistry remains elusive for many members, so there is plenty of opportunity to gain points for continuing education. In some cases, the evaluators may request from the applicant an anonymised logbook of 15-50 documented cases (verified by 2 colleagues) to complete the information on the clinical experience. 

We also will credit evidenced disability and oral health training as part of other speciality training e.g. paediatric dentistry, orthodontics, gerodontics, medically compromised.  

Step 1  – Apply for iADH Fellowship Application Form 2024

Firstly, please ensure that you have read read the iADH Fellowship Frequently Asked Questions

Follow this link to watch a recording of a webinar which describes the application form in more detail.

For those eligible members interested in applying the fellowship, please contact our membership officer using the form below.

The iADH membership officer can supply your membership number if required and will confirm your eligibility to apply. They will then send you a link to start your online application process.

Please indicate If you are reapplying for fellowship after a previous unsuccessful attempt.