The Oral-B & iADH Disability Champions Award Programme

Oral-B proudly launches the Disability Champions Award Programme as part of its ongoing mission to make oral care for accessible to everybody. In partnership with the iADH, the programme aims to make the dentist office experience across Europe more inclusive and positive for those with disabilities and their caregivers. Over a third (35%) of people with visible and non-visible disabilities feel anxious or frustrated when it comes to visiting the dentist. For instance, individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder may experience heightened anxiety in unfamiliar environments such as a dental practice, as it disrupts their normal routine. Similarly, a patient with Cerebral Palsy, who may face motor challenges without intellectual disability, might find it difficult to brush their teeth effectively due to limitations in fine motor coordination.

To help overcome this, the Disability Champions Award Programme encourages one member of each dental practice across Europe to become the personal lead to ensure their practice is committed to be more disability positive – because sometimes all it takes is one person to truly make a difference.

By completing the necessary online training and accessibility suggestions devised by iADH and Oral-B (see below), dental staff and practices who meet the requirements will earn their Disability Champions award. They receive a badge that can be used within their office or on social media to encourage others to become Disability Champions. Their practice will also be visible on Oral-B’s website to make it easier for people with disabilities and their caregivers to find disability positive dental practices near them, and to feel more confident and encouraged about visiting the dentist.

Oral-B and iADH encourage you to raise the standard of oral care for people with disabilities and reduce these healthcare inequalities. It is expected that more disability positive practices across the participant countries can be built by championing accessible oral care for all.

Join Oral-B and iADH and become a Disability Champion… and between us we can make oral care more inclusive, accessible, and positive for everyone.

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