iADH is delighted to announce the launch of its long awaited fellowship programme.
Any iADH Member who has held their membership for at least three years is eligible to apply if they can evidence activity in the area of clinical experience and training, education, research/audit and community action related to oral health and disability.
The fellowship is open to dentists from all specialities including general practice and dental public health, allied healthcare professionals including hygienists, nurses, psychologists, speech and language therapists, and a range of professionals and researchers within health and social care.
It is not an exam - but assessment is via submission of a structured in depth portfolio style application form which is assessed by three independent adjudicators

A great opportunity to meet a large audience of dentists / to specialists from all over the world
Maximum exposure to specialists from all over the world
Direct contact with opinion leaders
Excellent networking opportunities with experts in the field
Participation in discussions regarding access to healthcare and future of dentistry

Why would I apply for a fellowship?

Members requested the fellowship to recognise and document excellence in the field of Disability and Oral Health amongst its membership. This was especially important to those members living in areas where Special Care Dentistry was not a speciality, or remained an emerging discipline requiring recognition of those people working across other disciplines.
The fellowship is designed to acknowledge and evidence members expertise, knowledge, activity, advocacy and action in working towards better oral health for people with disabilities and disadvantages.