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Following adoption of the Convention of Rights for People with Disabilities, Higher education institutions and government agencies have a responsibility to ensure that dental educators meet the challenges in providing undergraduate and postgraduate education in Special Care Dentistry (SCD), so that future dental teams not only exhibit the competencies, attitudes and behaviours required to meet the needs of patients, but that they have the confidence to respond in a dynamic way to these challenges. In 2010 the International Association for Disability and Oral Health (iADH) Education Committee initiated an international consensus process to develop guidance for the core essential elements for programmes in Special Care Dentistry. Since that time, the iADH has published curriculum guidance at the undergraduate and post-graduate level, which has been widely disseminated and translated into several languages and are available for free download on this site on a Creative Commons licence.

Education Committee

The education committee works to monitor availability of undergraduate and postgraduate training and facilitates education research in collaboration and consultation with the research committee. They also organise education seminars at congress and organise and judge education research competitions and bursaries and develop education resources for iADH members and partners.

Dr. Hakan Tuncer​


Dr. Fatimah Alsayer​


Prof. Andreas Schulte​


Dr. Mas Suryalis Ahmad​


Dr. Gabriela Scagnet​


Dr. Daniel Carreño​


Dr. Jacobo Limeres​ Posse – Education Committee Chair


Dr. Ana Vukovic​


Dr. Avanti Karve​


Dr. Nadiya Alkindi​


Academic Courses

iADH Education Committee have completed a list of available post graduate training courses which carry a certificate, diploma or high level qualification. This list is updated each year but may not be complete as new courses are starting each year. Please note that IADH is not responsible for accrediting any of the coursers listed below. If you know of a course which is not included here please get in touch using the contact form.

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Become an iADH Fellow

Any iADH Member who has held their membership for at least three years and can evidence a high level of activity in the area of clinical experience and training, education, research/audit and community action related to oral health and disability can apply to become an IADH Fellow . This includes dentists from all specialities including general practice and dental public health, and also allied professionals including hygienists, nurses, psychologists, speech and language therapists, plus a range of professionals and researchers within health and social care who have their own track.