iADH Education in the Media – Bridging Inequalities

15th November 2022

On the 15th November Sirona Academy invited 3 members of iADH to talk about the urgent need to educate future dental care providers to be confident and competent to make reasonable adjustments provide inclusive care for people with disabilities. Prof Mark Wolfe from USA chaired a panel which included Professor Alison Dougall (Past President iADH) and Dr Jacobo Limieres Posse – the chair of the IADH Education Committee.

This open access live filmed event was watched by people from 57 countries globally and a transcription of the event has been widely reported in the media who have taken onboard the need for Mandatory Training in this disipline.

You can read one editorial which resulted from this event – which aims to raise awareness and advocate for the need for education in SCD at the undergraduate level. You can find iADH curricula on the resources page in French, Spanish and English,

Read one transcript of the Seminar here as reported in Editorials and Articles in Media.