Shelagh Thompson awarded Honorary Life Membership of iADH 2022

11th September 2022


Professor Shelagh Thompson was awarded Honorary Life Membership of iADH at Paris 2022.

Shelagh is a former President of the British Society for Disability and Oral Health and has been their Council member for the past 6 years. She was a former. editor of their Journal of Disability and Oral Health collaborating with iADH to edit and produce abstract books for conferences in Berlin Chicago and Dubai….an often thankless and largely invisible task.

She was the chair of the iADH education committee for 8 years and was a founder member of the education SCD special interest group in Association for Dental Education in Europe. Shelagh was probably  best known within iADH for her work in leading the Antalya Task force to produce guidance for iADH Curricula at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and as a champion of education in SCD both Intenarionally and at home in UK where whe was instrumental in the group that advocated for and created a Speciiality in SCD.

Shelagh spent most of her Professional Life in Cardiff Dental Hospital in Wales and retired from her final post as Professor in SCD at Liverpool Dental Hospital just before the pandemic.

Shelagh remains active within the iADH Scientific Commitee and was the judge for this year’s Education awards.  She remains busy at home, dedicated to her close friends and family (especially her grandchildren) and her Spanish Waterdog Paloma. Shelagh will always the busy with many hobbies including sculpture and travelling (via canpervan).

Thank you Shelagh for your loyal service to iADH and the the work you have done for iADH members over many years.